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Ranching for 50 Years

Tye and Scorpion are taking a break in the shade

Tye and Scorpion are taking a break in the shade

We have been in the ranching business for over 50 years.  We have always had Border Collie dogs to work our sheep and goats, and still do.  I got into Toy Aussies in 2008 because they are beautiful, small, loving, smart and have a natural livestock working instinct.  They also make great traveling companions.  John starts Border Collies and I raise and sell Toy Aussie puppies.  What a life!

All of our dogs are people friendly and a pleasure to be around.  We are proud of each and every one of our dogs and we are truly devoted to them.  We only have Toys and have all approved colors (black tri, red tri, blue merle,  red merle – and even the much sought after blue eyes.  They are raised with love in our house and ready to go to loving homes when sold.  Our dogs are on a strict worming program and regularly vet checked during and after pregnancy.  All puppies come with up-to-date shots and worming, tails docked, dew claws removed and, most of all, spoiled.

You taking to me? (Cheyenne)

You talking to me? (Cheyenne)

My dogs are registered with either the American Stock Dog Registry and/or the National Stock Dog Registry (some are registered with both).  I am a member of both of the above, plus am a member of the TASSA (Toy Australian Shepherd Association of America).

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Let me in.  I want to play too! (Scorpion)

Let me in. I want to play too! (Scorpion)

First Impressions

The first impression of the Toy Australian Shepherd should be that of a standard Shepherd. The size range of the Toy Aussie’s are 10 to 14 inches, when full grown.  Toy Australian Shepherds should be slightly longer than they are tall and have a coat length and coarseness with coloring which offers variety and individuality. They have either docked or bobbed tails.  The alert, expressive eyes may be a variety of colors with unique combinations. They are very active little dogs with a happy and even disposition, and very good natured.

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