Spring 2019

 For Sale as PETS ONLY:

Cinch is a blue merle, born 1/11/18.  He is an International Champion.

Red Ryder was born 2/4/18.  He is not Championed but intended to keep him for stud.  He is very gentle and will make someone a great pet.

 Last Chance….

There will be no more.  Hopi was born 1/25/17.  She is the last female from Tootsie and Shorty as Tootsie has crossed the rainbow bridge and Shorty is too old.  A black tri, she is very small and has never been bred.

And Finally……

This beautiful male puppy is out of Precious and Spur.  He was born 4/25/19 and is a deep red, with copper and white.  Call for more info and price.

Spring is here and we have Easter babies ready to go.  

Maiden and Scorpion are offering these two little beauties for your basket:

This is a little blue eyed male   and    this is a female.  They were born 2-13-19.

UPDATE:  Both puppies Sold.

Pearl and Magic think you might want to consider one of these great choices:


The black tris are little boys   and    the merle is a blue eyed girl.  They were also born 2-13-19.

Another Update:  The merle female is sold.  Both black tri males are still available.

Tia and Eagle offer these little ones for your Easter basket:


The black tri is a boy    and the merle is a blue eyed female.  They were born 2-20-19.

E. Bunny is busy! The merle female is Sold.  The male is still available.

Hurry Easter is coming soon.  Call Tina and arrange for the Easter Bunny to bring you one of these bundles of joy.  

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